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Welcome to UC Davis ECE

We are excited to share our vision and goals in ECE as we continue to offer world-class education and produce cutting-edge research. Our overarching vision is to be a leader in the creation and development of human and intellectual capital, and in innovation and a vision for a better world.

In support of this vision of the University of California, we strive to:

  • Be recognized as one of the top programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering education, disciplinary and multidisciplinary research and technology transfer endeavor;
  • Produce well-prepared graduates and trained professionals to enter and assume leadership roles in the engineering profession;
  • Earn the recognition as a department that accepts and encourages diversity, inspires excellence in thoughts and actions and cultivates a positive environment to further professional advancement of our staff and our faculty.
  • Our Vision
  • The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis should be a national and international leader in education and research to address the engineering challenges in the 21st century through high-impact research programs and curricular innovations in cutting-edge areas of information technologies.
  • Our Mission
  • As a technological and educational hub in Northern California, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s mission is to:

    1) Educate generations of engineers and industry leaders by providing a transformative learning experience and the knowledge necessary to solve significant problems in high-tech industry and society
    2) Develop technical innovations in ECE and multi-disciplinary areas through high-impact scholarship and research.

  • Our Strategic Goals
  • Academic Excellence: To become a top-20 nationally ranked graduate program in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Research and Innovation: A peer-recognized leader in research and technical innovations

    Transformative Learning Curriculum: An internationally recognized leader of transformative learning in engineering education

    Strong Impact on High-Tech Industry: A department with strong impact on high-tech industry both regionally and globally, supported a strong industry affiliate and alumni base.

  • A Message from Department Chair André Knoesen
  • image of Prof KnoesenWe strive to improve the world we live in and make a difference in the lives of people across the globe by finding engineering solutions to critical societal challenges of the 21st century such as in the areas of high performance computing and communication systems that are also energy efficient, nanotechnology, pervasive sensor networks, machine learning and computer vision, energy harvesting and smart energy management systems.

    At UC Davis, we are well-positioned to pursue exciting innovative approaches to meet these challenges. We benefit from our proximity to Silicon Valley, which supplies a valuable resource for connections with world leaders in the electronics industry, as well as the Northern California Central Valley and Coastal regions which are the most productive agricultural regions in the world. Our interactions keep us well informed about today’s needs for innovation and provides us with opportunities for collaborations and the transformation of ideas into products. Our department also benefits from UC Davis’ world-renowned strength in the life and agricultural sciences.  

    Our faculty and researchers have pioneered new engineering approaches and disciplines, examples of which include nanoscale devices and sensors, MEMS/NEMS, energy scavenging circuits, reconfigurable terabyte computers, integrated analog and digital electronics, implantable biosensors, embedded systems, terahertz science and technology, ultra-fast intra-chip communication, high frequency and high power RF technology, big data, cyber-physical systems, wireless sensor networks and networking protocols that control the energy demand of smart appliances.

    We are innovators. Our graduates are in high demand, and our proximity to the large corporate R&D centers and the vibrant start-up and venture capital communities of Northern California provide a wealth of opportunities for launching careers. Our alumni are leaders in major technology companies and develop new technologies, start companies, serve in academia and continue to expand the horizon of knowledge in technology. We offer unceasing commitment to train and educate the next generation of innovators, industry and research leaders.  

    We welcome talented students who share our enthusiasm and optimism for creating the technologies of the future. Whether you are a prospective or current undergraduate or graduate student, an alumnus, faculty member, staff, friend or a curious member of the community, we welcome you to become a part of the University of California, Davis, ECE family. For supporters and potential collaborators in industry, federal laboratories, and elsewhere, we enthusiastically welcome your interest in our department.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us to pursue opportunities for collaborations.

    André Knoesen
    Professor and Department Chair 

  • Our Awards and Recognitions
  • Our faculty are renowned throughout the state, nation and world for their cutting-edge research. Find out more about their well-deserved awards and recognitions.

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