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Online Educational Materials

EEC 100 Lab Instruction Materials:

ECE is one of the first departments to contribute to project Remote ECE Teaching (RECET), launched by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments Head Association (ECEDHA). Detailed circuit lab instructions and videos were developed for EEC 100 during Summer and Fall 2020 by Professors Hooman Rashtian, Weijian Yang, and graduate student Tim Ambrose.

EEC 100 Lab 1 Video: Equipment Intro

EEC 100 Lab 2 Video: Non-Inverting Amplifier

EEC 100 Lab 3 Video: Summing Amplifier

EEC 100 Lab 4 Video: Equivalent Impedance

EEC 100 Lab 5 Video: Passive Filters

EEC 100 Lab 6 Video: Active Bandpass Filter

EEC 100 Lab 7 Video: Fourier Series

EEC 100 Lab 8 Video: Laplace Transform

EEC 100 Tips 01 Video: OrCAD Licensing

EEC 100 Tips 02 Video: Breadboard and Scopy Basics

EEC 100 Tips 03 Video: Proper Screenshots

EEC 100 Tips 04 Video: Debugging Circuits


Hardware Accelerator Design Curriculum:

Professor Houman Homayoun and graduate student Najmeh Nazari have developed a curriculum to design hardware accelerators by taking advantage of Intel's DevCloud. 

Hardware Accelerator Development on Intel's DevCloud