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Graduate Special Topics Courses

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Spring 2020

EEC 289K: Ultrafast Photonics: Science, Technology, and Applications

  • CRN: 63374, Unit: 4
  • Professor William Putnam
  • Day/Time: TR 2:10pm-4:00pm
  • Location: Olson 159
  • Ultrafast lasers are rapidly finding their way into laboratories all over the world. In this course, we will explore what makes these short-pulse lasers useful for applications ranging from bio-imaging to x-ray generation. Specifically, we will cover the essentials of ultrafast photonics, including the basic science of ultrashort laser pulses, the technology to generate and manipulate these pulses, and a few of the numerous applications of ultrafast photonic systems.

EEC 289K: Linearization Techniques in RF Power Amplifier Design 

  • CRN: 63375, Units: 4
  • Professor Anh-Vu Pham
  • Day/Time: MW 10:00am-11:50am
  • Location: Olson 244
  • Non-linearity in RF power amplifiers; feedback linearization techniques; predistortion techniques; feedforward linearization techniques; device-level
    and second harmonic linearization techniques.

EEC 289L – Compound Semiconductor Materials and Device Presentations and Discussions

  • CRN: 63376, Units 4
  • Professor Jerry Woodall
  • Day/Time: MW 2:10pm – 4:00pm
  • Location: Olson 117
  • The purpose and goals of this course are to provide a detailed knowledge of all aspects of compound semiconductor materials and devices. The students who are enrolled in the course will teach the course. The goal of this method is to give each and every student the practice and experience of both learning and teaching a course and improving public speaking skills, and skills in organizing lectures.

EEC 289Q – Computer Engineering 

  • CRN: 84887, Units 1-5
  • Professor Robert Redinbo
  • Day/Time: MW 11:00am-12:20pm
  • Location: 1007 Giedt