Why Study Computer Engineering

Why Study Computer Engineering?

Why Study Computer Engineering?

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Computer engineers analyze, design, develop and program all types of information processing systems, commonly known as computers. Yet the application of these systems goes far beyond simple computation. Computer applications are central to modern communications, health care, education, entertainment and industry. As a computer engineering major at UC Davis, you'll get the fundamental skills you need to ensure your long-term employability in a rapidly changing field. You'll also work with cutting-edge technologies in electronics, digital systems, circuits fabrication and other areas.

Real World Outcomes

Computer engineering graduates find employment in technology industries, filling positions ranging from design to production and quality assurance. Others work with companies or organizations in other sectors of the economy to implement new applications of computer systems. Graduates are also well prepared for graduate study in computer engineering and other technical fields.


You will begin with a rigorous series of courses in mathematics, natural sciences and basic engineering to prepare yourself for more advanced study. At the upper-division level, you may choose to specialize in computer systems and software or in logic design. The computer systems and software option involves computer architecture, design, interface systems and software. The logic design option focuses on the design and fabrication of computer circuits at various levels. Either option provides both a broad curriculum and familiarity with specific subjects.