Admitted Students

Admitted Students

Welcome to UC Davis ECE

We are thrilled that you will be joining us and are eagerly looking forward to your arrival! To help you prepare for UC Davis, here are some helpful reminders. 

Graduate Student Orientation

Presented by UC Davis Graduate Studies, Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) is an intensive social and academic overview for new graduate students, comprised of workshops, panel discussions, and social activities designed to help new students prepare for some of the expected and unexpected side effects of graduate school and become familiar with the various university services available to graduate students. All incoming graduate students are strongly encouraged to register for orientation. Here are the four important steps to prepare and register for orientation:

  • 1. Submit Your Statement of Intent to Register
  • Completing your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) lets us know that you plan to enroll in your graduate program at UC Davis. You will be unable to register for orientation, get your student ID card or register for classes until you’ve submitted your SIR. To complete your SIR, follow the steps listed below:

    ♦   Log in and view your admission letter using the link provided to you via email.
    ♦   Click on the “Accept or Decline Your Admission to Graduate Study at UC Davis” button at the very bottom of the letter.
    ♦   Use the form to indicate whether you accept the admission offer (the deadline to do so is August 1).
    ♦   Review the "Next Steps" section to see what else is needed to prepare for graduate study at UC Davis.

  • 2. Set Up Your Computing Account
  • All new students must establish a campus computing account and a UC Davis e-mail account. Go to the Information Technology website and follow the instructions for establishing a computing account, Kerberos ID (your campus login ID) and password. It may take up to 48 hours after submitting the Statement of Intent to Register before you are able to access this function.
  • 3. Order Your Aggie Card
  • You will need to order your AggieCard (the UC Davis identification card) in order to access certain services on campus. Go to the AggieCard website and follow the steps listed for a graduate student to obtain an AggieCard.
  • 4. Register for Graduate Student Orientation/International Student Orientation
  • Sign up for Graduate Student Orientation by completing the orientation registration form. Please take note of any other orientations (such as TA Orientation or International Graduate Student Orientation) that you may be required to attend.

Additional Resources

  • Housing Resources
  • For on-campus housing assistance, please contact UC Davis Student Housing & Dining Services. In addition, students may also consult Craigslist and DavisWiki for off-campus housing opportunities (note that these housing services are not affiliated with or overseen by UC Davis or the ECE department). 
  • Financial Resources
  • See our Funding Resources page for helpful information. The UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies also features 10 key tips for newly admitted grad students. 
  • UC Davis Graduate Studies
  • See more information for newly admitted students from UC Davis Graduate Studies.
For additional questions or assistance, please contact our Graduate Advisors -- we are here to help you.