Permission To Add a Course Process and Information


Steps to request PTA:

  1. Communicate with your professor about receiving permission to add the course
  2. Receive written approval from the professor
  3. Complete the ECE PTA Request Form
  4. Submit your form

Important Information

PTA Deadline for WINTER 2024: March 15th, 2024.
PTA Deadline for SPRING 2024: June 6th, 2024.


After a PTA has been issued:

  • The PTA is valid for 72 hours from issuance.
  • The PTA can be used only once.
  • PTAs issued during the last three days of instruction must be used by the last day of instruction.
  • A student adding the course via Schedule Builder enters both the section CRN and the PTA number.
  • Students on the waitlist for the same course should use the PTA and then drop the waitlisted course.
  • A $3.00 fee is charged to the student account for late actions.