Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering research addresses the design and implementation of computer-based systems, encompassing both hardware and software, and both theory and experiment, to address the most important and challenging applications in computing today. Trends in this field include an increased need for mobile, cloud, embedded, parallel and secure computing, all connected by ubiquitous, high-performance and secure networks; computing systems that are high performance, energy efficient, efficiently programmed, trustworthy and provably correct; novel architectures and technologies and systems targeting applications in a particular domain. The computer engineering faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are well-positioned to address these challenges. They bring a broad range of expertise to these exciting topics in both the laboratory and the classroom, and collaborate on research projects across the department, the college, the university and beyond.

Computer Engineering Faculty


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John Owens

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  • Child Family Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Emeriti Faculty