Charles Hunt

Charles Hunt

Position Title

Electrical and Computer Engineering

3137 Kemper
Solid-state electronic and luminescent materials and devices, energy-efficient light sources, field-emission cathode materials and vacuum-nanoelectronic devices

Professor Hunt’s research centers on solid-state electronic device design and microstructures, electronic materials and nanofabrication technology, and vacuum science and technology. His current projects focus on design and fabrication of high-speed hard X-ray imaging arrays, using homoepitaxially-grown germanium photodiodes as well as photocathodes and gated drift detectors. The application is imaging nuclear fusion events, in collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility, in order to develop clean, sustainable energy production. Other Projects focus on field-emission light sources for sustainable, energy-efficient, high-color-quality illumination. Past projects have included topics related to the areas of field-emission vacuum nanoelectronics, semiconductor wafer bonding, silicon on insulator (SOI) materials and devices, and CVD epitaxy.