M. Saif Islam

M. Saif Islam

Position Title

Electrical and Computer Engineering

3135 Kemper
Quantum sensing, nanophotonics, imaging, data and telecommunication, energy harvesting

Dr. Islam’s nanotechnology research focuses on the integration of low-dimensional materials in nanoscale electronic and photonics devices, integrated circuit (IC) and systems. The broader goals include the development of new technologies for quantum sensing, detection, traditional and computational imaging, high bit rate data and telecommunication links, transistors, memory and solar energy harvesting. Inano -- his research group -- emphasizes scalable manufacturability through developing CMOS foundry compatible processes. The group’s research is complemented by a number of innovations and patents enabling real life product development through hands-on design, fabrication and system implementation. Inano also designs devices and systems for high temperature, high pressure, radiation and other extremes.