William Gardner

William Gardner

Position Title

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Areas – Past

  • Mobil/portable personal communications
  • Statistical theory of signal processing
  • Characterization and modeling of random processes
  • Signal detection and estimation, and spectral analysis
  • Algorithms for adaptive signal processing
  • Modulation and equalization
  • Antenna array processing
  • Radio environment analysis
  • Radio emitter location
  • Interference suppression for communications

Research Areas – Present

  • Statistical theory of blind-adaptive aperture synthesis
  • Application of statistically optimum aperture synthesis to radio astronomy
  • Mathematical modeling of electrical currents in the Cosmos
  • The inherent conflict between human nature and the practice of the Scientific Method
  • Development of tutorial material on the Electric Universe in support of The Thunderbolts Project’s Public Outreach Program (https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/eu-guide)