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EEC 105: EE-Emerge

EE-Emerge is a three quarter course sequence (EEC105A, B and C)) for juniors and advanced sophomores EE and CE students to gain experience working within a team to bring a project from conception to completion. The objectives of EE-Emerge are to

  • engage students in hands-on electronics projects.
  • hone their communication skills
  • develop interpersonal skills necessary to work within teams
  • prepare students with necessary skills for senior design projects and internships
  • establish a culture among students of “working together” and “peer advising” – i.e. students who have completed the program, help and provide feedback to current students.
  • engage students in a lifelong process to promote engineering
2015-26 EE-Emerge Magic Mirror
2015-26 EE-Emerge Magic Mirror

EE-Emerge is split into three phases, conceptualization, design, and presentation. Each phase introduces students to aspects that are part of engineering but are typically not taught in conventional classes and labs. In the Fall quarter, the students are introduced to the design objectives of EE-Emerge. An example of such a project, is to develop a electronic exhibit for the annual Picnic Day event to engage young children and get them interested about electrical engineering. The students form teams and elect a team leader and propose projects to the class. Once a project is approved, each team refines the scope of their project, identifies critical elements given technical and resource constraints, and then creates a schedule of milestones, form a task list, and create a budget. Also in the Fall, the students are introduced to the basics of printed circuit boards design, 3D CAD, and prototyping techniques such as electronic assembly, 3D printing and laser cutting. The next phase of EE-Emerge takes place over the Winter quarter, when each group implement their project while keeping within their proposed budgets and timeline. As the projects evolve and requirements change, students update their budgets and their timelines to reflect these changes. The final phase of EE-Emerge takes place during the Spring quarter. Students will spend most of this quarter showcasing and communicating their project to the public. For example, the quarter starts off with the students presenting their projects at the annual UC Davis Picnic Day event, and then other events such as, industrial affiliates and the College of Engineering design showcase. The students also showcase their projects on the web. Through these in-person events and web portals, the students learn how to effectively communicate information about their project to multiple audiences. EE-Emerge is sponsored by Texas Instruments. 



Questions about EE-Emerge should be addressed to Professor André Knoesen.

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