EEC 134

Hands-On Learning: EEC 134 A/B

EEC 134134 A/B: Design of RF/Microwave Systems

The EEC 134 course was created to satisfy the need for a senior project course for students who are interested in high frequency electronic systems. The two-quarter-long course emphasizes system level design concepts and strives to provide a hands-on experience. As the course evolves, the projects start to encompass many facets of electrical engineering, including system engineering, antenna design, analog circuit design, embedded systems, and digital signal processing. The first project option we have developed is the implementation of a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar system that can perform range, Doppler, and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) measurements. In the first quarter, the students go through a series of structured labs to learn the basic system design concepts and acquire the necessary skills for putting together a high frequency system. In the second quarter, they propose and implement improvements to their radar system in terms of measurement accuracy, resolution, weight and power consumption. At the end of the course, their performance is partially judged in a radar competition.