Hao-Chuan Wang

image of Hao-Chuan

Position Title
Associate Professor

  • Computer Science
Kemper 3025
Human-computer interaction, CSCW and social computing, society and technology, data science

Wang is interested in human-computer interaction research with a focus on supporting all different types of social interactions, collaborations and communications in various theoretical and application contexts. He created and leads the Collaborative and Social Computing Lab, gathering students and researchers to take human-centered perspectives and approaches to understand, design and evaluate interactive and collaborative systems for problem solving and value creation. These efforts have contributed to the design of intelligent and interactive tools to support team diversity, interpersonal conversation, non-verbal communication and group creativity. These tools can be shaped to address large-scale societal issues, such as bridging cultural and language gaps between global co-workers, and support expert-novice knowledge transfer to ensure the wellness and sustainability of work practices in the contexts of platform and gig economies.


Graphics, Visualization, and Human-Computer InteractionData ScienceHuman-Computer InteractionInterdisciplinary TopicsSociety and Technology