Sean Peisert

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Position Title
Adjunct Professor

  • Computer Science

Security, privacy

Dr. Sean Peisert leads applied research and development in computer security. His current research and development interests cover a broad cross-section of usable and useful computer security and privacy solutions, particularly in enabling secure and privacy-preserving scientific data analysis in distributed, high-performance, and cloud computing environments. In recent years, Peisert's research has focused on improving security in high-performance computing systems and also in power grid control systems to better protect the grid against disruptions caused by cyber attacks.

Dr. Peisert is also a member of the Graduate Groups in Computer Science, Health Informatics, and Forensic Sciences.

Titles/Joint Appointments

Senior Scientist
Computational Research Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Adjunct Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Davis

Adjunct Professor
Division of Health Informatics
Department of Public Health Sciences
University of California, Davis School of Medicine