Special Topics

Special Topics

Undergraduate EEC 189 Courses

EEC 193B – AI (Artificial Intelligence) Systems Design Project

  • Professor Chen-Nee Chuah and Professor Venkatesh Akella
  • CRN – 31228; 3 units

EEC 189U: Quantum Mechanics for Engineers

  • Professor Jeremy Munday
  • CRN – 53323; 4 units

Graduate EEC 289 Courses

Note: Register for the number of units based on what is stated on the syllabus for the course.

Fall 2021

EEC 289Q - Performance Engineering of Software Systems

  • CRN: 53504, Unit: 4
  • Professor John Owens
  • Day/Time: MW 10:30 AM - 11:50 AM
  • Course Description: Hands-on, project-based introduction to building scalable and high-performance software systems. Topics include performance analysis, algorithmic techniques for high performance, instruction-level optimizations, caching optimizations, parallel programming, and building scalable systems. The course programming language is C.

Winter 2022

EEC 289L - Quantum Information Technologies

  • CRN: TBA, Unit: 4
  • Professor Marina Radulaski
  • Day/Time: MW 2:10 PM - 3:30 PM

EEC 289L - Introduction to Neuroengineering

  • CRN: TBA, Unit: 2
  • Professor Erkin Seker
  • Day/Time: TBA

Spring 2022

EEC 289K - Ultrafast Photonics

  • CRN: TBA, Unit: 4
  • Professor William Putnam
  • Day/Time: TBA
  • Course Description: Ultrafast lasers are rapidly finding their way into laboratories all over the world. In this course, we will explore what makes these short-pulse lasers useful for applications ranging from bio-imaging to x-ray generation. Specifically, we will cover the essentials of ultrafast photonics, including the basic science of ultrashort laser pulses, the technology to generate and manipulate these pulses, and a few of the numerous applications of ultrafast photonic systems.