Chen-Nee Chuah

Chen-Nee Chuah

Position Title

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Science

3125 Kemper
Networks and distributed systems, data science, intelligent learning, smart health, intelligent transportation systems

Dr. Chuah seeks to understand large-scale networked systems and learning-driven information processing, computation, and control. Her Robust & Ubiquitous Networking (RUbiNet) Lab focuses on developing data driven approach to design adaptive control and security detection mechanisms in different production networks, including IP-backbones, wireless networks, data centers, online social platforms, and software defined networks. Chuah is also interested in applying advanced data science and machine learning techniques to different application domains, including smart health and intelligent transportation. Real-time analytic platforms and AI-assistant clinical decision support systems has the potential to transform healthcare delivery from critical care to chronic disease management.