Technologies like ChatGPT have brought the potential of artificial intelligence, from writing emails to optimizing a website’s code, into public awareness unlike ever before.

The thing is, the applications and implications of AI go far beyond large language models like ChatGPT. AI has the potential to detect cancer, build climate resilience and reveal humanity at its best and worst. It is the promise of a new era where humans can achieve the previously unthinkable.

Within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, Davis, researchers like Distinguished Professor S.J. Ben Yoo and Assistant Professor Yubei Chen are exploring the furthest limits of artificial intelligence by redefining how it is engineered and Professor Chen-Nee Chuah and Professor J. Sebastian Gomez-Diaz are creating next-generation advancements in medicine, such as a seconds-fast tool for cancer detection.

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This article was originally featured in the Spring 2024 Engineering Progress Magazine.

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