Omeed Momeni

Omeed Momeni

Position Title
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

3167 Kemper
Terahertz and mm-wave integrated circuits and systems, integrated beam formers and phased arrays, high power/high efficiency power amplifiers, signal sources, radiator arrays

Dr. Momeni’s research is primarily focused on high-speed integrated circuits and systems. More specifically he studies the theoretical limits of noise, power gain, harmonic generation, and output power of active and passive elements and utilizes the acquired insight to achieve mm-wave/terahertz high-power and wide-band signal generation, radiation, and amplification. These transistor level components are combined with optimum system architectures to reach high performance systems. The applications of interest are high-data-rate, wide band and compact communication systems, integrated bio sensing devices, low power electronics for portable devices, and short range radar/imaging.