Winter 2023 ECE Distinguished Seminar Series Schedule Announced

This winter 2023, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to host many distinguished and accomplished individuals in its weekly seminar series scheduled for Fridays at 2:10-3 p.m. in Young Hall, room 198. Seminars are free and open to the public. More details are available on the department's calendar of events.

A Perfect Blend

When it comes to finding the perfect blend for advancing winemaking innovation, American entrepreneur Dr. T.J. Rodgers and his wife, Valeta, have found the answer—funding interdisciplinary research by establishing a fellowship to support electrical and computer engineering graduate students working on wine research at UC Davis.

GraphBLAST Targets GPU Graph Analytics Performance Issues

“GraphBLAST” – developed by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Davis – further enhances the performance of GraphBLAS, a popular collection of graph algorithm building blocks, by overcoming design and performance challenges specific to GPU processors.

Lensless Camera Creates 3D Images From Single Exposure

Researchers at the UC Davis College of Engineering have developed a camera that uses a thin microlens array and new image processing algorithms to capture three dimensional information about objects in a scene with a single exposure. The camera could be useful for a variety of applications such as industrial part inspection, gesture recognition and collecting data for 3D display systems.

The Nexus of Learnings

Regardless of their senior design project focus–whether it was on plants, self-driving cars, robots or flying cows–this year’s group of electrical and computer engineering seniors said perseverance, problem solving, project management skills and teamwork were the most valuable takeaways they experienced as part of this year’s senior design projects.