Spotlight on ECE Professor Omeed Momeni's Thz/mm Circuit Research

“When I started working in this field, almost 13 years ago, the Thz/mm-wave spectrum was one of the least-tapped frequency bands,” reflects UC Davis electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor Omeed Momeni.

As a circuit and system designer Momeni finds this line of work exciting. Many innovative structures and ideas are needed to make circuits operational at that frequency range, and the potential future applications are promising.  

ECE Professor Marina Radulaski Recognized With a Women in Quantum - Leading Female Researcher Award by One Quantum

UC Davis electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor Marina Radulaski earned a OneQuantum award from QuEra Computing. Presented at a ceremony on December 7 at the Q2B conference in Santa Clara, the OneQuantum awards recognize “those who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of global quantum technology.”

Chancellor Gary S. May Awarded Honorary Degree From Georgia Institute of Technology

Chancellor Gary S. May will soon have a fourth degree to add to his curriculum vitae.

He will be awarded an honorary doctorate and deliver the keynote address at the undergraduate commencement of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta on Saturday, Dec. 18.

A beloved graduate of Georgia Tech, May served there for nearly three decades before becoming UC Davis’ seventh chancellor in 2017.

UC Davis ECE Professor Saif Islam Develops Complex Nanostructures for Parallel Manufacturing in Electronics and Photonics

Over many years of research, UC Davis electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor Saif Islam has developed revolutionary new techniques to construct tiny and sensitive nanostructures for the massively parallel nano-manufacturing of electronics and photonics. 

Islam says the time has come to go beyond strictly silicon-based electronics components. In addition to the increasing cost of creating even smaller and more complex silicon-based devices, the material has inherent technical limitations.  

UC Davis' ECE Professor Ben Yoo Earns Recognition for Research into Integrated Photonics and Quantum Wrapper Networking

UC Davis electrical and computer engineering (ECE) distinguished professor Ben Yoo recently won three grants related to his research into integrated photonics and a fourth related to quantum wrapper networking, which should bring us closer to a quantum Internet.      The first, from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) agency, for $2.4 million, focuses on building silicon electronic photonic integrated circuits in three dimensions to enable artificial intelligence and neuromorphic computin

UCD ECE Professor Jane Gu's lab Receives 0.68M NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded UC Davis, electrical and computer engineering department (ECE) a Major Research Instrument Grant for ultra-high-speed data instrumentation for research in the millimeter-wave and TeraHertz frequency regime.  The ability to generate and capture electronic signals at such high frequencies is essential to the ongoing research in ECE in THz integrated circuits and systems, THz semiconductor devices and ultra-fast electronics and photonics.

UCD ECE Professor John Owens Named a Fellow of the IEEE and AAAS

UC Davis’ electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor John Owens was recently recognized as a fellow within the IEEE and the AAAS.  

His research focuses on the intersection of hardware and software, especially for graphics processing units (GPUs): writing software that works well with GPU hardware and building hardware that works well with the software engineers would like to design.