ECE graduate student award recipients

2022 ECE Graduate Student Awards

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering recognized outstanding graduate students at an awards ceremony on September 19, 2022. 

Anil Jain Memorial Prize

Established in memory of Professor Anil K. Jain, this award is given to a graduate student who has made seminal contributions to the field of signal processing and computer vision.

  • Xian Xiao
    Professor Ben Yoo, Xian's advisor said, ”(Xian's thesis) is one of the best dissertations I have seen in my 22 years at UC Davis with very clear and impactful contributions to science and technology."

Richard and Joy Dorf Graduate Student Award

Established by the Dorf Family Foundation, this award recognizes research achievements of an ECE graduate student and promise of many more intellectual contributions to the field of electrical and computer engineering.

  • Cesar Bartolo-Perez 
    Cesar’s advisor, Professor Saif Islam, said, “During this time, Cesar has demonstrated outstanding performance in his Ph.D. research while offering leadership in activities that have profoundly impacted the ECE department's graduate student community. Cesar is bright, strongly committed, earnest, and creative.”

Khadar B. Shaik Memorial Award

Established in the memory of Khadar B. Shaik who received a Ph.D. in 2014 from UC Davis, this award recognizes a graduate student who has advanced to candidacy and has shown great promise for intellectual contributions to the field of electrical and computer engineering.

  • Sridhar Majety 
    Sridhar’s advisor, Professor Marina Radulsaki, wrote, “Sridhar is a 4th year Ph.D. student in my group who has advanced to candidacy with exceptional research results and made significant efforts in organizing the optics community across the ECE department, the College of Engineering and Yolo County."

Smita Bakshi Digital Learning Teaching Awards

Awarded annually to teaching assistants who have made exceptional innovations in the use of technology or develop digital material to improve the curriculum and the learning outcomes for our students

  • Claudio Osses 
    Nominated by Diego Yankelevich, who wrote, “Claudio’s long-term commitment to high standards as a teaching assistant (TA) is unparalleled.”
  • Pranta Saha
    Nominated by Marina Radulaski, who wrote, “Pranta’s responsible, skillful and empathic attitude toward teaching is second to none of the TAs I have had a pleasure of working with.
  • Aidan Callahan
    Nominated by Lance Halsted, who said, Aidan is very conscientious and does a terrific job. He is one of the best TAs that I have had over the years in EEC 195.”
  • Zhengfeng (Jeff) Lai
    ​​​​​​Nominated by Chen-Nee Chuah, who said, "Jeff often goes far and beyond basic TA responsibilities."

Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowship

Established for graduate students conducting research in the field of signal processing and telecommunications

  • Vincent Huynh
    Professor Zhi Ding, Vincent's advisor, wrote, “I view Vincent as one of the most talented students in engineering at UC Davis. His commitment to research in signal processing, intellectual curiosity, sense of responsibility and diligence qualify him as a top candidate for this fellowship."

Soohoo-Lee Endowed Fellowship Award

Established to honor Professor Soohoo, this award recognizes ECE graduate students who have deep ties to the Chinese-American community and have demonstrated interest in pursuing academic or industry leadership.

  • Connie Duong
    Connie is a Ph.D. student working on wireless energy harvesting systems and has made many contributions in analog circuit design, RF systems and mixed-signal circuit verifications. She has received many awards, including the 2020 Richard and Joy Dorf Graduate Student Award. She is very active in volunteering with children’s Sunday School. 
  • Jiawei Jiang
    Jiawei is a master's student with a research focus on the theory and design of RF/microwave components and antennas. He has a perfect GPA so far. He is an active volunteer for the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco's Chinatown, with duties such as providing English/Chinese translation to non-English speaking Chinese Americans, assisting Chinese American elders on document filing, and helping them understand their civil rights and voting rights.

Outstanding Leadership for Graduate Student Award

Recognizes students for their contributions that have enhanced the student experience, helped faculty hear student concerns and praise, and positively influenced the department culture

  • Mary Ann Mort

  • Begum Kasap

  • Toluwa Odemuyiwa

  • Kourosh Vali

  • Melisa Ekin Gulseren

  • Ahasan Ahamed

  • Lisa McPhillips

  • Chitrabhanu Gupta

College of Engineering Departmental Best Teaching Assistant Award

Every year, the College of Engineering recognizes the Best TA from each department for teaching assistants who demonstrate a commitment to the teaching mission of the College of Engineering and a commitment to teaching that goes far beyond the typical duties required of a teaching assistant

  • Sadegh Shamsabardeh
    Sadegh was nominated by Professor Raj and multiple students who described him as "absolutely amazing.” They explained, “He is a very helpful and understanding TA who genuinely wanted to help us understand the material," and noted “he will do everything he can in order for the students to understand the material.”

IEEE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

  • Asmita Asmita

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