ECE GraphChallenge

ECE Ph.D. Students Win Awards at Annual MIT/IEEE/Amazon GraphChallenge

Please join us in congratulating our students for earning awards at the annual MIT/IEEE/Amazon GraphChallenge.

The GraphChallenge “encourages community approaches to developing new solutions for analyzing graphs and sparse data derived from social media, sensor feeds, and scientific data to enable relationships between events to be discovered as they unfold in the field” (Official GraphChallenge website). To read more about GraphChallenge please see the link below:

Two groups of students under ECE Prof. John Owens received awards during this competition. Xiaoyun Wang, Zhongyi Lin, and Carl Yang led the work that earned a 2019 Student Innovation Award (“Accelerating DNN Inference with GraphBLAS and the GPU”, and Leyuan Wang led the work that was named a 2019 Finalist (“Fast BFS-Based Triangle Counting on GPUs”,

Xiaoyun and Leyuan are both CS Ph.D. students (Leyuan also earned an M.S. in our ECE department). Zhongyi is an ECE Ph.D. student and Carl is a recent ECE Ph.D. graduate. Xiaoyun and Leyuan will present their work at the IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference ( later this month in Boston.

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