Marina Radulaski Awarded Young Investigator Grant by Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Portrait of Marina Radulaski
Marina Radulaski (Katherine Hung/UC Davis)

Marina Radulaski, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, was selected as one of 58 scientists and engineers to receive funding from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research's 2023 Young Investigator Research Program, or YIP.   

"It is an incredible honor to be selected among young investigators who will push the boundaries of science with the support of Air Force Office of Scientific Research focused mission," Radulaski said. "This award will allow my team to explore nano-scale devices that can transform how quantum information is processed at scale which has applications to emerging technologies in communication and computation." 

Radulaski will receive a three-year grant totaling $450,000 for her project proposal titled, "Triangular Photonic Crystals with Integrated Color Centers for Quantum Mesh Photonics in Silicon Carbide," which was selected from a pool of more than 175 proposals.  

"Through the YIP, the Department of the Air Force fosters creative basic research in science and engineering, enhances early career development of outstanding young investigators and increases opportunities for the young investigators to engage in forwarding the DAF mission and related challenges in science and engineering," said Ellen Robinson, YIP program manager at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, or AFOSR. 

Radulaski and her team's project focuses on defects in semiconductors called color centers, which have rich quantum physical properties that can be controlled with light. They will place color centers in silicon carbide nano-devices and route the light they emit using sophisticated modeling and nanofabrication techniques. 

"We utilize [color centers] for the next, quantum, generation of internet and computers," Radulaski explained. "In this project, we will be probing if the light originating between different color centers is indistinguishable, which would be a crucial property to enabling quantum computing applications of this platform." 

Read the full announcement at AFOSR

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