Postdoc Hilal Cansizoglu Selected for Mistletoe Research Fellowship

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Hilal Cansizoglu, a postdoc in Prof Islam’s group at ECE Department, has been selected for a 2018-2019 Mistletoe Research Fellowship. She was among 36 fellows chosen from more than 300 applications.

Mistletoe FellowshipShe will receive an unfettered research grant ($10,000) for her further studies. More importantly, she will participate in the 2018-2019 Mistetoe Startup Collaboration and have the opportunity to engage in scientific and entrepreneurial collaboration with a frontier tech startup. The Startup Collaboration program will begin with a 3-day Match Workshop where she meets startups, other Fellows, and members of the Mistletoe Community (investors, entrepreneurs, community partners) to form a project team. Her area of collaboration is Autonomy and Mobility and the workshop of this area will be held in Singapore, July 31 –  August 2, 2018. The program will then be conducted remotely via Online Learning Community platform throughout a year. Every team is guided by a team mentor from a Mistletoe Community Partner organization with significant experience in technology implementation. Additionally, through this online platform, she will have opportunity to listen to subject matter experts on patent strategy, communicating science to the public, and transitioning from academia to industry or entrepreneurship.

The Mistletoe Foundation is the philanthropic partner of Mistletoe, Inc., the social venture community founded by Japanese serial entrepreneur, Taizo Son. Founded in 2017, the mission of the Mistletoe Foundation is to build bridges between the academic, entrepreneurial, and civil communities to create a more human-centered and sustainable future through technology. The foundation makes no investments; it is a California nonprofit public-benefit promoting social entrepreneurship by initiating philanthropic programs and research partnerships that help researchers and startups advance the state of science and technology for the public good.

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Hilal Cansizoglu received her Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from UALR (Little Rock, AR) in 2014. She holds B.Sc./MS degree in Physics Education from Middle East Technical University (2007, Turkey), and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from SMU (2010, Dallas, TX). She is currently working in Integrated Nano and Micro systems group as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis, CA. Dr. Cansizoglu is currently interested in surface-illuminated high speed Si photodiodes with micro-/nanostructures, light trapping by micro-/nanostructures for sensing and energy harvesting.

Cansizoglu was also recently featured in a UC Davis Office of Research news article by Lisa Howard.