Prof. Houman Homayoun and ECE Ph.D. Student Gaurav Kolhe Nominated for Best Paper Award at ICCAD

This year's ICCAD event took place in Westminster, Colorado.

ICCADBy Adil Abbuthalha and Sumayya Shaik

Please join us in congratulating Professor Houman Homayoun and ECE Ph.D. student Gaurav Kolhe and their team at GMU and SFSU for their ICCAD 2019 best paper award nomination.

Their paper “Security and Complexity Analysis of LUT-based Obfuscation: From Blueprint to Reality” researched look up table based obfuscation to protect IC against hardware reverse engineering, by bringing reconfigurability into the design leveraging programmable look up table in ASIC design flow. Several methods in recent years was proposed on how to deploy look up table in a complex multi-billions gates ASIC designs.

In this work, they analyzed those proposed techniques and performed a comprehensive sensitivity analysis of look up table based obfuscation including its complexity and where to deploy them on design parameters such as power, performance and area (PPA) and security metrics such as time it takes to de-obfuscated the design. They concluded by presenting a new generation of look up tables and replacement strategy that breaks the PPA design parameters and security trade-offs.

This conference is 38th joint IEEE/ACM International Conference On Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), 2019, and is the most prestigious conference in the fields of CAD and Design Automation. Jointly sponsored by IEEE and ACM, ICCAD is the premier forum to explore emerging technology challenges in electronic design automation, present leading edge R&D solutions, and identify future roadmaps for design automation research areas.

Congratulations again to Prof. Houman Homayoun and Gaurav Kolhe for their impressive accomplishment. ECE can’t wait to watch you reach even greater heights.

Read the paper in its entirety.