Prof. Houman Homayoun Receives NSF Grant for Multi-University Project NSF Chest


The ECE Department would like to congratulate Prof. Houman Homayoun under whose lead the multi university project NSF CHEST (National Science Foundation Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust) has attained NSF grant of $750,000 for five years.

NSF CHEST is an Industry–University Cooperative Research Center with an objective revolves around the identification and resolution of vulnerabilities affecting computer systems. They cover architectural, microprocessors, field programmable gate array, and other circuits. Their research covers topics from vulnerabilities in microprocessor architecture, counterfeit detection to secure processor architectures and more. The central mission statement is to “address the research challenges that industry faces in the design, protection, and resilience of hardware from the security vulnerabilities associated with electronic hardware and embedded systems and develop the much needed workforce for government and industry.” Learn more about the project at

The NSF CHEST Center is funded by a combination of National Science Foundation grants and memberships by industry and non-profit institutions, and CHEST coordinates university-based research with partner needs to advance knowledge of security, assurance, and trust for electronic hardware and embedded systems. NSF CHEST currently has more than 20 industry partners committed to provide funding to the center. Learn more about the industry partner at