Professor Houman Homayoun's Team at NSF CHEST Center Awarded Two New Projects

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Professor Houman Homayoun's team at NSF CHEST Center have been awarded two new projects on the general topic of HW security and trust. One project is titled "NATE: A Neural Network Assisted Timing Profiling for Hardware Trojans Detection” which focuses on developing new methods to detect hardware trojans using the frequency profiling of fabricated chips. The second project is "Cognitive Obfuscation: Securing Circuits by Graph Convolutional Network” which attempts to develop a cognitive solution to automatically identify the best strategy to obfuscate gates in an IC to prevent reverse engineering. 

CHEST Center projects are currently supported by several companies as well as DoD research labs including: Analog Devices, Raytheon Technologies, Booz Allen Hamilton, Centauri, Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems, Draper, Edaptive Computing, KBR, Nimbus, Tenet3, AFRL, Fermata Energy, Applied Research Associates, OSD, and Alion (MaCB).