Two UC Davis ECE students and professors stand near a building with a red sign that says John D Kemper Hall of Engineering
From left: VTS Systems Engineer Neil Jacklin, M.S. '07, Ph.D. '13, Vincent Huynh, Noah Wagner and Distinguished Professor Zhi Ding.

Valley Tech Systems, Inc. Partners with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on New Fellowships

Meet the inaugural graduate and undergraduate recipients of the Valley Tech Systems Fellowship

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is pleased to announce a new fellowship for graduate and undergraduate students. The Valley Tech Systems Fellowship offers sponsorships to one graduate and one junior-level student interested in national security and signals intelligence research per academic year. 

The new program is a partnership between the department and Valley Tech Systems, Inc., or VTS, a Folsom-based engineering company leading the way in controllable solid propulsion and open architecture airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies. Their cutting-edge solutions address technology needs across the U.S. government and commercial space industry.  

Recipients of the Valley Tech Systems Fellowship receive three-quarters of full-time, in-state tuition at the University of California, Davis and a monthly stipend of $600. The entire award is valued at more than $20,000. 

Two UC Davis ECE students hold a sign and stand near Kemper Hall
Electrical engineering students Vincent Huynh, left, and Noah Wagner pose in front of Kemper Hall. They are the inaugural recipients of the graduate and undergraduate VTS Fellowship, respectively.

Vincent Huynh and Noah Wagner are the fellowship's inaugural graduate and undergraduate recipients, respectively.  

Huynh researches machine learning and signal processing in wireless sensor networks under Distinguished Professor Zhi Ding. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Davis, in 2022, and is the previous awardee of the Northrop Grumman Graduate Fellowship and a cash-prize winner at the Little Bang! Competition for a micro-controller-based irrigation system he designed for indoor plants. 

Wagner is a junior electrical engineer interested in analog and digital circuits. He’s excited by the challenge of pursuing a new research focus through this fellowship.  

“When you’re faced with challenges, that’s when you’re really going to grow,” Wagner said. “This is an opportunity for me to get my hands dirty, get more exposure to areas of electrical engineering. I am thankful to UC Davis and VTS for this opportunity.” 

Both Huynh and Wagner will finalize the design of their program throughout the summer and begin at the start of the 2023-2024 academic year in September. 

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