Undergrad Award Winners

2024 ECE Undergraduate Student Awards

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering celebrated its students during the annual Undergraduate Awards Ceremony on June 7. The awards celebrate academic excellence from undergraduate students who received electrical and computer engineering degrees throughout the 2023–2024 academic year. 

Outstanding Senior Awards 

Department Citation Awards 

The Departmental Citation Awards are given to students in recognition of their exemplary academic achievements. Students who receive this award are in the top 10 of their class and are active beyond the classroom. 

Computer Engineering   

  • Luke Jones  
  • Kimberly Tong  
  • Darren Taira 

Electrical Engineering  

  • Charles Tweedy  
  • Thomas Liang  
  • Isabel Munoz 

Outstanding Undergraduate Leadership and Community Engagement Award  

  • Gabriel Ceja  
  • Melissa Poncini  
  • Manya Murali 

Outstanding Undergraduate Lab Assistant Award  

  • Thomas Liang 
  • Fatima Shaik  
  • Liam Peck 

Senior Design Projects 

The department requires every graduating student to work in an interdisciplinary team on a capstone project to design, develop and test a system that performs a specific function or solves an important problem in engineering. This year, several groups implemented truly exceptional designs. 

Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah’s EEC 136AB (Electronic Design Project) 

  • Project title: “A computing cluster composed of reused mobile devices repurposed for general-purpose computing” 
  • Team members: Sam Daou, Isaac Loyer and Cindy Leung 

Professor Chen-Nee Chuah’s EEC 174ABY (Applied ML Projects) 

  • Project title: “ARMS: Automated Rover for Mobile Support” 
  • Team members: Jackson Vaughn, Omri Steinberg-Tatman, Hans O’Flaherty and Luke Jones 

Associate Professor Avesta Sasan’s EEC 175AB (IoT Senior Design)  

  • Project title: “Smart Recycling Robot” 
  • Team members: Elijah Peralta, Pinhao Hong, Tao Wang and Taewoo Kim 

Professor Bevan Baas’ EEC 181AB (Digital Systems Design Project)  

  • Project Title: Stereo Vision
  • Team Members: Rian Ng,  Greg Thompson and Kevin Bao  

Senior Development Engineer Lance Halsted’s EEC 195AB (Autonomous Car Project) 

  • Project title: “Autonomous Lane Following Car” 
  • Team members: Huanlong Li, James Kimball, Amogh Gaitonde and Aidan Tadeo 

Arthur and Julia Suran Endowed Scholarship  

  • Tao Wang 
  • Bryan Tovar  
  • Gabriel Ceja  
  • Hana Shaik 

Fred Fuchslin Memorial Scholarship  

  • Logan Ridenour 

Eugene S. Martin Memorial Scholarship  

  • Esther Shih 

Robert Murdoch Scholarship  

  • Jay Vee Gregorio 
  • Logan Ridenour 
  • Olivia Harvey 

Global Leadership Scholarship for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students  

  • Omri Steinberg-Tatman  
  • Thomas Liang  
  • Tao Wang 

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