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Professor Jeremy Munday Receives DARPA Director’s Fellowship Award

Professor Jeremy Munday has received the 2020 DARPA Director's Fellowship Award. This award is given to faculty early in their careers such that they may develop their research ideas in the context of national security needs, and is only given to top performers of the already very selective DARPA Young Faculty Award recipients. In 2018, Professor Munday received one of twenty-five DARPA Young Faculty Awards. With this award, he initiated experimental investigation of the Casimir forces, which is a quantum effect with promising applications in future technologies. The results of this research were judged so promising by DARPA in future technologies, that he has now received the 2020 DARPA Director's Fellowship Award.  

Dr. Munday's research themes range from quantum electromechanical phenomena (such as the Casimir effect), to fundamental solar energy conversion processes with an emphasis on the optics, photonics, and thermodynamics of such systems. Specifically, the Munday Group studies novel photonic, plasmonic, and quantum materials and seeks breakthrough energy generation and extraction technologies. This work merges physics and engineering to accomplish these goals.

Please join us in congratulating, Professor Munday, and click the link to view the video presentation of Professor Munday’s award.

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