Hihath Research Group’s Article Regarding an On‐Chip Break Junction System, Highlighted in Advanced Functional Materials

image of Prof. Hihath
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Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Josh Hihath, and the Hihath Research Group have published an article titled,An On‐Chip Break Junction System for Combined Single‐Molecule Conductance and Raman Spectroscopies” that aims to provide a reliable platform, characterization, and application of single‐molecule electronic systems in the future.

“The goal of molecular electronics is to use single molecules as a building block for electronic devices, logical elements, and circuits, and represents the ultimate form of a miniaturization for future electronics. The promise of single‐molecule electronics rests upon the fact that a single molecule, when it is rationally designed, synthesized, and integrated into larger circuit can reproduce the functional features of conventional electronic devices such as diodes, transistors, switches, and memories, or even perform more complicated circuit functions.”

The published article is a cover-highlight in the journal of Advanced Functional Materials, and the full article can be found here on the Wiley Online Library.