Hihath Research Group's Article on a Single-Molecule Memristor Highlighted in Angewandte Chemie

image of Prof. Hihath
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Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Josh Hihath, and the Hihath Research Group have published an article titled, “Memristive Element Based on an Electrically Controlled Single‐Molecule Reaction” that aims to confront the limits of data storage technologies with molecular scale electronics.

The increases in speed, scalability, and accessibility of computational technologies has resulted in a nearly insatiable desire for advanced data‐storage technologies. Conventional technologies such as hard‐disk drives and flash memories are facing fundamental physical challenges as the feature sizes enter the quantum regime. Confronting these obstacles has led to the emergence of a variety of novel technological platforms that aim to extend the exponential improvement of electronic elements ‘beyond silicon’. Molecular‐scale electronics have been at the forefront of this approach, aiming to develop new instantiations of wires, diodes, transistors, and photoswitches that operate at the single‐molecule level.”

 The published article is a cover-highlight in Angewandte Chemie, and the full article can be found here on the Wiley Online Library.