Diversity and Inclusion

ECE Students Vanessa and Victoria Liera's Research at UC Davis

Sisters Vanessa and Victoria Liera, Electrical Engineering (ECE) students and founders of the Club Of Future Female Electrical Engineers (COFFEE), appeared on a recent episode of UC Davis’ web show Face to Face with Chancellor May, where they discussed diversity, equity, and inclusion in the ECE department and elsewhere at UC Davis. They were also featured in the November 8th episode of the show The College Tour, available through Amazon Prime Video and a variety of streaming apps.     

We're Human Beings First, Then Engineers: Renetta Tull Speaks on Creating an Equitable Campus

Dr. Renetta Tull, UC Davis’ new Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering, has been considering how UC Davis can become even better at fairness and inclusion. 

One way Tull encourages the College of Engineering to approach DEI is to remember that while we may be engineers, we are human beings first and can all remember to treat each other with respect.